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Since decades, Chitale holds a legacy of one of the most innovative, committed to quality and refreshing dairy brand. Of course, the biggest challenge is to stand apart from an array of me-too brands and restore its category leadership.

To venture into the competition, Chitale Group decided to launch a chain of Xpress stores across Maharashtra. And who but nonetheless, Dream Wagon created a new identity for the brand, named Chitale Xpress. The unique idea of the café cum shop was envisaged wherein the young college crowd would feel comfortable for hangouts and professionals could engage in meetings and discussions.

Store Branding: Beyond Designing Our research revealed that Chitale's flagship stores would be a unique platform where one would emotionally connect with their brand values, products and a legacy of innovation and quality. Dream Wagon went ahead with creating an artistic wall displayed for customers to know various facets of the Chitale Group. All this resulted in brand enhancement of the Chitale Group.

Thus, Dream Wagon helped Chitale Xpress Brand blend a richer, closer relationship with the customers by adding a more vivid and more interesting brand story.